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Well, maybe not all that scary. This is just a friendly reminder that the contents of this site are copyrighted material.

Mynarski Forest, the characters (Skippy, Liska, Finch, Boofer, Mitties, Clarence, Heywood, Hunter Hank, and the Minderbinder family), and all associated artwork were created by and are the intellectual property of Richard T. Matheson. Please feel free to make personal copies of the material on these pages. Do not redistribute, publish or alter the material in any way without my prior written approval or do anything with them that would make me freak if I were Disney. I may be reached via e-mail at

Mynarski Forest and the characters are original creations. Unless specifically stated otherwise, they are not intended to represent and should not be confused with anybody else´s characters or any real persons living or dead. The events portrayed in the comic strip are entirely fictitious. The strip is not intended to be taken literally.

At the time of this writing, the Mynarski Forest web site is a strictly non-commercial venture for my personal enjoyment and that of others. The web site currently does not endorse any company or products... But if Skippy & Liska did do endorsements, it´d probably look like this:

This Week&acutes Strip

I don´t think anybody´d buy it...
Enough of this legal stuff. Enjoy the show!

"There ain´t nothin´ intellectual about this intellectual property!"
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