The Sincere Appreciation Page

Several people helped to make building this web site a fun experience. First off, I'd like to thank all my family (especially my sister, for being such a good sport) and friends (like Mike Russell, who's been very kind to me for the last year and a half) for all their support. I'd also like to mention Robert & Margaret Carspeken and Antti Remes, whose sites first inspired me to build my own and Robert T. Jones who helped bring Sharp-Ears into my life (on more than one occasion!) I'd like to extend a special thanks to Don Pearsons for placing me in contact with Jocelyn Holowaty, who graciously offered me her blessings to use the Mynarski name. And finally, a big thanks to Tugrik at and Jake McDermott at, both of whom provided the webspace to make this site possible.

I'd like to thank the following folks for allowing me to reproduce their artwork on my Foxy Lynx Page (Please respect their copyrights and get their permission before using any of their work!):

Karsten Auchter
Robert & Margaret Carspeken
Miguel Estrugo
David Johns
Michael Pena
Fox Potter
Amy Provonost
The Fur Ring
Andre Heinonen
Po Shan Cheah
Randy Fox
Antti Remes
Mike Russell
Eric W. Shwartz
The Squeeky Clean Furry Archive
Mark Stanley
Rain Simpson
Marc Sutton
Vision Books

Special thanks to Fox Potter for the sounds on the Calls/Vocalizations page as well as some of the photos, and to Kim Thomas & Chewy for allowing me to base the first panel of strip #72 on one of their photos.

Whenever possible, I've tried to contact the publishers of the various materials reviewed in the Foxy Treasures section before displaying them. In the few cases where I was unable to do so, I've tried to work within the guidelines of "fair dealing". In no case did I reproduce anything if I was specifically asked not to. I'm thankful to the following organizations who granted me permission to use their material:

Carolrhoda Books Inc. & First Avenue Editions
Chapters Publishing Inc.
Corel Corporation
Greystone, a division of Douglas & McIntyre

The following items were included for review or parody under "fair dealing" and will be immediately removed upon request of the copyright holders:

The CD cover for The Cunning Little Vixen: The Adventures of Fox Sharp-Ears
Composed by Leos Janacek
Conducted by Simon Rattle
(c)1991, EMI Records, Ltd.
Recorded in association with The Peter Moores Foundation

The dust jacket for Hunter´s Moon: A Story of Foxes
(c)1989 by Garry Kilworth
published by Unwin Hyman Ltd.

The cassette cover for The Little Fox
Robert Haimi, Inc.

The Calvin & Hobbes characters in the March 30th, 1998 strip
Created by Bill Watterson
(c)1987 by Universal Press Syndicate

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