Those Darn Hewmyns:
The People of Holland Valley

Holland Valley (population 5419) is a small, fictional town in central Alberta, bordering on the beautiful Mynarski Forest. The people there sometimes like to get back to nature and Liska likes to get the heck away from it. Inevitably they come into contact while encroaching on each other´s territories... which tends to increase public support for deforestation.

Hunter Hank

Hunter Hank Remember the big, scary, faceless hunters from movies like Bambi and Watership Down? They had the least human personalities of any of the characters in the whole freakin´ movie! In homage to the art of misanthropy I give you Hunter Hank, the stereotypical cartoon hunter. We don´t know why Hank has it in for our heroes, he just does. A die-hard fan of bloodsports, Hank has both Liska´s skill as a hunter and Skippy´s killer instincts. In other words, Liska finds him to be about as dangerous as gerbil, and a great deal less edible...

MinderbinderThe Minderbinders

The Minderbinders are a perfectly nice, decent, harmless family who enjoy camping out in the forest. Although they can be an occasional nuisance to the forest animals, Liska finds them to be a delightful source of all kinds of neat stuff and enjoys rummaging through their things at night while they´re sleeping. Milton Minderbinder drives pizza delivery for a living. Somewhat immature in nature, he met his wife Moira when he was accidently assigned to a group of four year olds to beta test some of her toy designs. Yup, Moira Mindbinder is a toy designer, but because she´s a compulsive workaholic, she´s not a very good toy designer, which is why their daughter frequently discards the toys in the forest for our animal friends to find. Molly Minderbinder is your typical six year old. Energetic, impulsive, inquisitive, moody, maybe a little selfish, with a tendency to pick up and eat things she finds on the ground. In other words, she occupies exactly the same ecological niche that Liska does, with the result that one of them must eventually eliminate the other...



This guy shows up whenever my ego gets the better of me. Rt is a full time stock clerk at a nationwide retail conglomerate. He´s also an erstwhile internet cartoonist eagerly awaiting the fame, fortune, and adulation he´s sure his talent will bring. (He should live so long!!!)


Rt´s brutally honest, but nevertheless adorable, sister can always be counted on to keep him grounded with reality. A fair, impartial critic, her opinions regarding his work are always valued (and sometimes painful!) More than any other character in this strip, she has virtually no flaws whatsoever!
...because if she did, my real sister would kill me.

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Richard T. Matheson
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