Miscellaneous Lynx
A small collection of links that really don't fit into either the furry or foxy category, but are included here either 'cuz I want the back-links or think you might be genuinely interested in them.
Buddy & HopkinsJason Nocera's comic strip for muscicians and fans of music.
CBLDFComic Book Legal Defense FundAn organization that protects cartoonist's rights against government censorship and overzealous corporate legal actions.
Blue RibbonFree Speech Online Blue Ribbon CampaignThe American Civil Liberties Union's website promoting freedom of speech on the Internet
MyComix.comAnother large online comics index featuring links and information about the featured comics and cartoonists.
Pillars of FaithPillars of FaithWilliam Adams's vampire slayer comic. Nice realistic style of artwork, some adult situations.
SpungifeelSpungifeel ComixT. wEieR's bizzare comic art, reminiscent of Gary Larson's work but a great deal more surreal.
Ryan's WebcomicRyan Sias's Webcomic Hey, what can yo say, Ryan Sias's appropriately named webcomic!.
stulogo.gifStu's Comic Strip Connection A large comic website with strips from lots of other websites (including yours truly's!)

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