Liska Liska Fox

Liska is your typical red fox vixen. Beautiful and charismatic, she tends to be a rather self-centered and willful individual with an annoying habit of biting off more than she can chew. Her tendency to cause disasters mostly stems from an idiotic sense of optimism and a cheerful belief that nothing bad can happen to her. Since she´s never been directly affected by her mistakes, Liska has never found a compelling reason to learn from them.

Like most foxes, Liska tries to be sly and crafty. She´s always coming up with clever ways to get a free lunch, but they almost always backfire due to some small, fatal flaw. The sad truth is that for all her creativity, Liska is something of an airhead. She gets these great ideas into her brain and enthusiastically pursues them with little thought towards the inevitable results. One would think that such a daffy creature would quickly be naturally selected out of existence. Fortunately, all foxes are blessed with keen survival instincts and Liska is no exception. Unfortunately, this leads her to follow her gut reactions without thinking about the possible consequences. Even she can´t fully understand the logic of her actions, although they certainly feel appropriate to her at the time.

Liska´s favourite hobby is collecting things. While she has little use for us humans, she finds our discarded rubbish downright fascinating. From toilet plungers to golf balls, chainsaws to ´My L´il Horsie´ dolls, Liska thinks of human artifacts as being neat toys. She can´t always figure out what a piece of junk does, but she has a lot of fun trying to find out.

Skippy sometimes accuses her of being ruthless, selfish, and insensitive but that´s a vicious lie. I don´t think I´ve ever met anyone as generous or nurturing as Liska. Did I mention sly and crafty? And... uhmm... beautiful? I´ve always thought so, now more than ever. At least until she promises to take that sledge hammer away from my keyboard...

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Richard T. Matheson
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