Skippy Skippy Rabbit

Skippy is a basic, ordinary cottontail rabbit. Living at the bottom of the food chain for most of his life has made him nervous and jittery. Living in the middle of the food chain with Liska has left him absolutely hysterical. Skippy was at first thrilled to have her as a buddy, thinking that she would protect him from dangerous animals. Unfortunately, Liska is the most dangerous animal around, and Skippy now spends most of his time protecting her from herself.

A sensitive and good natured if somewhat squeamish critter, life’s stresses have nevertheless left Skippy a little cynical. One might find his outlook unhealthy and pessimistic until one sees just how hapless he really is; then he appears remarkably well adjusted. Skippy never seems to win. If he goes along with one of Liska’s schemes, he gets clobbered. If he tries to stop her, he gets clobbered. If he comes up with a scheme of his own, he... well, you get the picture. If it weren’t for the amazing regenerative abilities of cartoon animals, we wouldn’t be seeing much of him after the first few strips.

Skippy is a very sensible and reasonable rabbit. His brain is a virtual storehouse of interesting information. Unfortunately, most of it has no practical value in the real world, and even if it did, Skippy lacks the self-confidence to act on it. If he would only take charge from Liska , they wouldn’t have so many problems. Sadly, whenever she starts plotting, Skippy deals with it by signing his organ donor card.

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Richard T. Matheson
(c) 1997 by FoxSTAR Arts