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#153) "Lewinski Forest"
February 28, 2000

I really enjoyed doing this strip. Portraying the parallells between Skippy and Liska's relationship, and the various predicaments Bill Clinton found himself in were a lot of fun.

This plotline and this strip in particular illustrate how timing can sometimes be a significant factor when scheduling story arcs.

I knew that Liska kissing Skippy would be a big moment for readers, and I wanted to hold off doing it until the characters were well established. I also knew that due to the romantic nature of the story (and the fact that mating season for foxes is around February) that I wished to run it around Valentine's Day. But the February of 2000 was to be the last time that that month would fall during the Clinton presidency and the gags in this strip were just too good to pass up; they had to be used then or not at all.

So it was pretty much decided for me that I would have to run this storyline when I did, even though I might have preferred to have waited a little longer. Several other storylines had their scheduling affected by similar considerations over the run of the strip.

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