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#158) "Blown Away"
March 27, 2000

This gag was inspired in part by Vixen Sharpears's death scene in The Cunning Little Vixen, and in part by a joke I read in Reader's Digest about the shocked reactions of the first responders helping a pizza delivery guy who got into a minor traffic accident.

I knew that having Liska get shot and confront a near death experience had all sorts of possibilities, and the concept also dovetailed very nicely with the previous storyline which also touched on other themes from Janacek's opera; not that it did so with any great depth of course, I just liked how the symetry worked out between the two stories.

As you can well imagine, I had a lot of fun drawing this one. I wanted it to be as graphic and gory and and horrifying as I could possibly make it, really scare the readers with a big shock so that when the punchline finally does come, it's as big a relief as it is a gag.

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