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#175) "Takes Your Breath Away"
July 24, 2000

This strip was originally inspired by my father and our dog, Nicki. My father used to get back spasms which could occasionally be quite debilitating, sometimes literally landing him flat on his back. Nicki, like a lot of other dogs, was a compulsive overeater and would hoover up anything we might drop on the floor with amazing alacrity.

One day while watching the two of them, I suddenly got this unbidden mental image of my father preparing himself lunch while everybody else was away, having a back spasm, and falling to the floor along with a big plate of food. Rather than heroicly going for help like Lassie would have, Nicki gulped down every bite as quickly as possible, so that upon our return home we would be greeted by the sight of both of them lying helplessly on the floor, one with a sore back, the other with bulging eyes and tummy.

Horrible as this image was, it was also rather funny and I eventually worked it into this strip. It definitey does match Liska's sociopathic attitude with regards to food. I was very pleased with the way her expression in the final panel turned out and how well it conveyed the desperate, compulsive aspect of her behavior - she really can't help herself.

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