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#199) "Quadrilateral"
January 8, 2001

In addition to my time as a kid playing with my Etch-a-sketch, this strip was inspired in part by a Flintstones episode in which Fred's popularity with a group of teenagers becomes disruptive until a fed up Wilma spreads a rumour that Fred is a square; just about the worst thing you could be to a teenager back in the stone-age or the 1960's...

That particular slur always had a humourous, whimsical ring to me and it made me want to do a similar joke poking fun at Skippy's own squareness.

I really enjoyed depicting the conflicting emotions of the characters. Poor Liska is so proud of her portrait of Skippy, and so devastated over his utter lack of enthusiasm. Mitties at least appreciates how Liska's concise rendering technique captures the personality of her subject, if not her actual choice in models.

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