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#235) "Don't Swallow the Black Ones"
July 23, 2001

This was the first Mynarski Forest strip to run in the larger-sized, vertically oriented format. After drawing the comic for several years, it became increasingly difficult to fit everything into the smaller layout in a pleasing manner, necessitating the move to the bigger strip.

Right from the start, the change gave me more breathing room to fit in dialogue and draw the characters more expressively, although it would ultimately take a while to learn how to use the increased space more effectively. Cramming all the necessary elements into the availlable space while making both the individual panels and the page as a whole look decent was a major challenge and an ongoing learning process. As you can see in this example, there was a lot of wasted space that could have been used much better.

Other than adapting to the new format, the fun challenge with this strip was to depict the "watermelon" both as ambiguously and graphically as possible in order to heighten the humor without giving away the joke too early.

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