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#237) "It's Always About You, Isn't It?!"
August 5, 2001

Here was a rare character-building opportunity for Liska to show some genuine regret for her actions. Or perhaps more accurately, she's had plenty of past opportunities, but this is one of the few instances where she's actually followed up on it.

For the most part, I prefer MF to focus on remaining light-hearted and avoid getting overly bogged down with "sad" storylines; stories where the characters are genuinely sad for good reason usually aren't very fun and can quickly get depressing.

However it can be fun when the characters are exaggeratedly overwrought for reasons the reader knows are ridiculous, and often it's amusing to see just how far the histrionics lead. Little touches like the sunbeam in the first panel only add further to the absurd level of melodrama.

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