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#249) "Breakthrough"
November 5, 2001

Much of the humor of Mynarski Forest revolves around Liska acting on her natural vulpine instincts rather than rational thought, and the chaotic consequences of those actions. Every once in a while though, it's fun to switch things around a bit and have Skippy's lapine instincts get the better of him.

With that in mind, this strip was inspired partly by scenes in Watership Down where the rabbits used thumping their feet on the ground to warn each other of danger, and partly by the habbit of Thumper from Bambi doing pretty much the same thing for fun.

Fortunately, while Skippy usually finds the results of Liska's instinctive reactions to be somewhat exasperating, Liska seems to have a more optimistic outlook regarding Skippy's, at least in this case...

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