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#256) "More Joy in Heaven"
December 17, 2001

Back in high school, my literature class read a novel called More Joy in Heaven about a parolled criminal whose attempts to reform himself were at first supported but finally rejected by society. The title of the novel refers to a verse in Luke 15 and the parables of the Lost Sheep and the Prodigal Son, two stories central to the Christian theme of the joy of redemption.

Many years later, in writing a silly, inconsequential comic about a fox stealing the baby Jesus and eventually returning Him, I was reminded of reading that novel so long ago, and it gradually dawned on me the accidental parrallels between my trivial little tale and those two important Bible stories.

The realization came as a pleasant suprise and inspired me to include this climax in which in three panels Liska takes the ideas of free will, forgiveness, joy, and redemption and boils them down to their raw essence - albeit, in the most self serving manner possible. :)

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