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#265) "Stir K.C."
February 18, 2002

In this memorable cameo apearance, Skippy & Liska meet somebody very special indeed... one of our family's beloved chihuahuas, K.C. - which unofficially stands for "Killer Chihuahua", hence the strip's title, "Stir K.C.".

The joke makes fun of her very spoiled nature and air-headed personality, her fondness for treats, and her bad habit of peeing everywhere, which was still a problem when I wrote this strip. Fortunately she eventually outgrew this particular habit, although she is still a very spoiled little monster whom we love very much. :)

This Week's Strip

Nothing even remotely Mynarski Forest related in this photo...I just figured since I already gave K.C. a bit of attention that I should give our other two chihuahuas some equal time as well. You can get a larger version of the collage by either clicking here or on the picture itself.

The upper and lower left photos are of Chloe, our youngest. In case you're wondering, my mother named her for a chihuahua that appeared on Caesar Milan's The Dog Whisperer program, rather than the heroine in Beverly Hill's Chihuahua. Although she seems to be quite agitated in the top photo, she is in fact very comfortable, causing her face to relax into this wonderfully horrible expression.

The upper and lower right photos are of Chupie, which is short for Chupacabra. Several years ago the family watched a Discovery Channel documentary on the creature and decided it would be an awesome name for a chihuahua if we ever got another one. But whereas the real chupacabra sucks the blood of goats and preys on small domesticated animals, ours just likes to chew on peoples' ears. :)

And of course, the middle photos are of K.C. - what else can I say... :P

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