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#303) "Lessons Learned"
November 11, 2002

This is probably the first time Skippy has ever been genuinely grateful to Mitties; for her part, she regrets it almost immediately...

The gag for this strip was adapted from an old joke my grade six teacher was fond of telling his students:

A farmer walking through his field one winter morning came across a freezing bird that was too cold to fly away. Taking pity on the poor creature, the kindly farmer picked up the bird up and deposited it into a fresh cow pie; the warm dung would keep it alive until warmer weather returned. When the sun finally did come out, the bird found itself stuck in the cow patty, unable to move. The bird started squawking in distress until a nearby cat heard it struggling and pounced on it.

The moral of the story being, "It's not always your enemies who get you into it, it's not always your friends who get you out of it, and if you find yourself up to your neck in $#%*, you should just keep your beak shut"...

That last part is a lesson Skippy really ought to learn...

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