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#8 "You Think You've Got It Bad?!" June 16, 1997

Despite some strictly coincidental, unintentional personal similarities between myself and the RT character, his inclusion in the strip was never meant to be a way of putting myself into the comic. I was simply writing what I know and... uh...

Well, okay, okay, you got me this time. The RT and Jo-Leah characters really are deliberately based on me and my sister, although they do serve a more legitimate purpose than to merely inflate our egoes. By commenting on the various happenings within the story-line, they also serve to break the fourth wall and "hang a lampshade" on some of the more outrageous plot elements by poking fun at them in a manner similar to Waldorf and Statler on the Muppets. And besides, even if they didn't fulfill a useful function within the cartoon, how could I not include RT? He's, like, the greatest, most awesome comic strip character, EVER!!!

I'd like to think that in real life I'm a tad less insufferrable than the RT character (although my sister is likely to argue the point!). He's me, only more clumsy, buffoonish, pretentious and narcissistic. Basically, he's what it would be like if Hollywood ever did a movie about my life story and got William Shatner or David Hasselhoff to play the lead. Yessiree, boy have I've made my parents proud!

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