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#17 "SPLORT!!!" August 18, 1997

This Week's Strip

Roadkill serves a very important purpose in Mynarski Forest. Not only for providing a large number of funny joke ideas and storylines, but also to allow Liska and the other predators to follow a gross, carnivorous diet, without actually having to kill another creature. We can laugh at Liska's inept attempts to catch gophers and chickens, but if she really managed to kill and eat one, the audience would find her a much less likable character.

One funny thing about the roadkilled gophers that I noticed a while back is that they have a sort of "seperated-at-birth" thing going with K.C., our oldest chihuahua. K.C. had to have dental surgery several years ago, and as a result, her tongue is too large to comfortably fit inside her mouth. So when she relaxes, she pretty much lets it all hang out... just like the more unfortunate gophers!

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