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#29 "Party Animals" November 10, 1997

In another antifreeze-related work anecdote, several years ago our store received a damaged pallette of antifreeze where pretty much every bottle had sprung a leak. The guys in the warehouse were told to write the shipment off and properly dispose of it and under no circumstances pull the skid to the sales floor.

Well, you can see where this is going... It ended up on the sales floor anyways and about a hundred and sixty gallons wound up forming a gigantic lake in the middle of the auto depatment. Guess who had to clean it up? (If you guessed the warehouse guys, you guessed wrong!)

Anyways it took about four hours to mop up the whole mess; about five minutes into the job I was covered in the stuff. It was a warm evening, and antifreeze keeps your perspiration from evaporating and naturally cooling you off, so, it was totally hot, nasty, uncomfortable business. Add every insect in the store deciding that my sweet, sweaty, sticky body would be the perfect place to land on and die, and you've got yourself a really fun time!

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