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#45 "Illegitimate Rumours" March 2, 1998

Clarence's actual family life isn't exactly known for certain, but in Liska's version, his father is a German shepherd, his mother is a coyote, and he has seven siblings.

Although we have yet to see any of his relatives in an actual comic strip, they have shown up in several cards I have made for Mother's and Father's Day. If I could do one thing over again as far as those cards were concerned, I'd definitely have given Clarence a smaller number of siblings! Many times I've asked myself, "Why, oh why, didn't I give him four or five brothers ands sisters instead of eight?!" Drawing that many coyote pups in one picture is a lot of work, and presented a lot of compositional and story-telling challenges over the years. But you have to admit, eight is a pretty funny number!

At first all the pups were rather generic and indistinct from one another, but over time they gradually began to acquire their own unique personalities... See if you can figure out which one is Clarence! :)

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