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#47 "I Can See Your Burrow From Here!" March 16, 1998

You have to admire the way Liska always looks on the positive side of things.... Especially when it comes to rationalizing the consequences of her own actions. :)

This strip introduces another one of the comic's running gags, Skippy and Liska getting stuck up a tree and being unable to get back down. The joke offers a lot of opportunities for slapstick humour, but also presents the challenge of having to come up with increasingly unusual reasons for them getting stuck up there, and figuring out how to get them down again.

We also see the first instance of one of Skippy's most used catch phrases in this strip, "Would you please just SHUT UP?!" Along with "Things can't get worse than this!!!", "This is by far the WORST thing you've ever done!!!", and "Shut up and RUN, you idiot!!!", it's one of his most frequently uttered pieces of dialogue... It might be fun one day to do an actual count and see which one is the winner...

Slightly amusing anecdote: I had to redraw the third panel slightly and change Liska's dialogue because in the original sketch I obliviously had Liska pointing directly up Skippy's butt and exclaiming "Hey cool! I can see your hole from here!" Obviously that wasn't going to work in a comic I was trying to keep reasonably appropriate for family viewing, although I've got to admit, it probably was funnier than the final comic. :)

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