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#54 "Rozinante" May 4, 1998

I originally intended to include Rozinante much earlier in the strip, but I really wanted to do this call-back to the Lo-tox Antifreeze storyline, which required me to hold off introducing her for a while.

The joke proved to be worth the wait, as many readers commented on how much they enjoyed the idea of a stoned Skippy seeing a purple horse. Skippy's usually the sensible one, so for Liska to be able to lord this indiscretion over him, it's almost a role reversal of sorts.

I was very pleased with their facial expressions in panel four, how they're able to convey so much back-story without any dialogue. I really like to incorporate little pauses like this into many of my strips to show the reactions of the characters to the situation around them, to show that they don't always immediately get what's going on and need to have it slowly dawn on them, and to give time for the joke to build in the reader's mind before hitting them with the punchline.

I also enjoyed having the two of them arguing over whether or not Rozzy is purple or lavender... it's such an inconsequential article of contention, it makes their petty squabbling even funnier and more ridiculous.

But most of all, Skippy's dislike for Rozzy reveals an uncharacteristic emotional vulnerability for him. I mean, sure, he's vulnerable to being beaten up all the time, but for him to be jealous of Liska's infatuation with Rozzy can only mean he actually likes Liska! It's a horrible thing for Skippy to have to admit because it gives her a sort of power over him, and as you can well imagine, Liska with power isn't exactly a good thing... :)

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