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#57 "Play Sets" May 25, 1998

Although I mostly worked in my store's auto department, during the Christmas rush I would sometimes be pushed into service stocking the toy displays. I often found it amusing how ridiculous and bizarre some of the toys we carried were...

... So one of the little games I invented to make the evenings go faster was to think up some of the most warped ideas for kid's toys I could possibly imagine in graphic, vivid detail. Desperate for jokes to work into Mynarski Forest, some of my more memorable ideas found their way into the strip.

This particular toy was inspired by one of those investigative reports shows, which ran a feature on equine urea farming - basically, the harvesting of horse urine to obtain hormones for pharmaceutical purposes. At one point during the documentary, it occurred to me that this was something you definitely DON'T see in Old MacDonald's Farm Playset, and from there it was only short leap of the imagination before Liska had a new toy for her and Rozzy to play with.

I love her demented enthusiasm in this one, Skippy's horrified reaction, the fact that there are hoses that need to be attached, and the little blurb on the box, "It really works!" It paints a terrible mental picture in your head that you really don't want floating around in there... :)

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