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#71) "Cat Food" August 31, 1998

Okay, okay, I'll admit it; "finicky" vs "fennecky" is an apalling, horrible stretch to go for what is quite possibly one of the worst puns ever perpetrated against humanity. The punchline is bad, and I should feel bad.... Or at least, worse than I do... :)

One thing about the relationship between the human and animal characters that I like to occasionally address is the tendency of the former to depersonalize the latter. Most people can't tell male and female animals apart without, uhm, looking down below, and so when the Minderbinders bring Liska home with them, they naturally refer to her as an "it".

This tendency helps show the humans' ignorance/indifference to the animals' self-awareness and personalities, further aggravating the potential conflict between the two groups. It's intended as more of a comic device than any sort of social statement, although I suppose there is that aspect as well.

For her part, I'm not so sure Liska thinks of humans as being people either...

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