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#75) "Heywood" September 28, 1998

Okay... What can I possibly say about this guy?!... :)

Heywood is unique in that he was the only regular member of the cast who was unplanned for at the beginning of the strip; all the other recurring characters were well established in my mind before I began actually drawing the comics, but Heywood came over a year later.

I originally created Heywood as an avatar for an online roleplaying game a couple of friends convinced me to try. Unfortunately, I'm not much of an RPG fan, and I soon lost interest in playing. However, I'd put so much effort into develloping the character, that it seemed like a waste to simply not use him somehow, so I decided to give him a new home in Mynarski Forest.

I chose to make Heywood a swift fox in order to differentiate him from the abundance of other red fox characters out there. His delusion of being a pilot who lost his wings due to being an endangered species reflects the loss of my own flight qualifications based on my poor eyesight. I chose to make the character crazy to make him more interesting for roleplaying purposes, which also opened up a lot of comical possibilities for the strip and allowed me engaged in a lot of humor similar to Calvin & Hobbes - one of the major influences in my strip. And his amourous nature provided for a lot of racey jokes and innuendos, while creating conflict by introducing a character even Liska finds annoying.

In the end, Heywood's participation in the comic was the result of a serendipidous accident, one that contributed greatly to the strip and gave it one of it's funniest characters. I certainly enjoy working with him!

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