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#87) "The Truth About Santa" December 14, 1998

Poor Clarence, this is probably one of the most pathologically despicable things Liska has ever done to him.

If memory serves me correctly, I got the initial inspiration for this strip way back during my last year of highschool, long before I ever thought of doing Mynarski Forest. It was during the first Gulf War, and while watching footage of the military build-up to Desert Storm, the U.N. imposed no-fly zone, and Christmas Eve news reports on Santa's progress around the world, it occured to me how the unthinkable might happen. The idea stuck in my mind, and years later, I decided Liska should use it to her advantage, although I did have to change the setting to the Bosnian conflict in order to keep with current events of the time.

It was a lot of fun drawing Santa and the F-16. Although the artwork's a little rough compared to what I could do now, I was quite pleased with how it turned out at the time. The hard part was finding the right reference material, and cramming the two elements into the small space I had availlable, while still achieving a half decent composition. If I had to do it again, I would probably bite the bullet and go with a larger page layout to give me more room to play.

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