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#111) "Crime and Punishment" May 17, 1999

Some of you probably saw this one coming even if Skippy most certainly didn't...

The notion of Skippy perpetrating an uncharacteristically Liska-like evil scheme against Liska herself was the initial inspiration for this story. I liked the idea but really needed a good conclusion for it. The thought of Liska secretly knowing about the plot all the long and using it to torture her friend was one of those serendipitous things that popped into my mind and gave me an unexpected laugh.

I especially like how all the characters' personalities play out against each other in this one; Liska's demented pathology, Skippy's over the top hysterics, Finch's uneasy misgivings, Mitties' cynical exasperation over the whole affair...

Poor Skippy really doesn't have a chance... :)

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