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#117) "Sixth Sense" June 28, 1999

This strip was inspired by a scene in The Cunning Little Vixen in which the heroine, Sharpears, discovers a hunter's trap but in her arrogance gets caught anyways, and I wished to do a joke along the same lines.

It seemed to me that it would be both more natural and humorous if Skippy, being the more cautious yet hapless member of the pair, would be the one to detect a dangerous situation like this while remaining oblivious to the real threat.

This joke harkens back to the very first strip where Skippy's overconfidence allowed him to be duped by a decoy trap; the breakthrough occured while I was watching an episode of Three's Company where Jack clobbered himself with a rake in a similar fashion and I realized it would be a funnier suprise if Skippy's comeuppance came from a completely benign and unexpected source.

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