Hunter's Moon
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Hunter´s Moon: A Story of Foxes
(c)1989 by Garry Kilworth
published by Unwin Hyman Ltd.

A sort of ´Watership Down-for-foxes´, Hunter´s Moon departs enough from Richard Adam´s formulae to be a truly original and gripping story. Beautifully written, it tells the story of a vixen named Oha and her struggle to survive as her home on the English countryside is gradually urbanized. Many parts are quite harsh and brutal, and the author skillfully conveys poignancy without being melodramatic.

At other times the book can be quite funny; the characterization and dialogue between the various animals is absolutely wonderful. Camio the fox´s experiences with some of the eccentric London foxes, and his early encounters with Oha are especially amusing.

One of the nice things about the novel is it´s balanced view regarding humans and foxes. Kilworth realizes that not all people are out to kill these animals, and is keenly aware of how well foxes can adapt to urban environments. He admits to occasionally departing from normal fox behaviour to suit his story, however he remains as consistent with fact as any animal writer can be while still remaining readable.

I tried to read the book slowly to make it last, but it was so compelling I found myself finishing it in less than a week. The ending is quite satisfying, although like most good novels, you´ll probably wish it could go on longer. Hunter´s Moon is now out of print but if you like foxes, it would really be worth the effort to find it. 330 pages.

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