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You´ve probably figured out by now that I have a ‘thing´ for foxes. It probably started in 1986 when I had to do a report on the animals for science class. It dispelled a lot of myths about foxes for me and revealed how beautiful and graceful these highly adaptable, successful creatures really are. Rather than being sly villains from nursery rhymes or destructive chicken thieves, I learned how useful they could be as a natural predator of vermin. Add to that the re-release of Disney´s The Fox and the Hound and my discovery of Rudolf Tesnohlidek´s The Cunning Little Vixen in the same year and it was hard not to develop an affection for the little critters.

I´ve been collecting fox related memorabilia for over ten years now and have about seventy pieces. It´s somewhat more of a challenge finding foxy things as opposed to wolves or eagles, but it´s still fun to go out looking for them from time to time. Maybe it´s a silly hobby, but they look better on my shelf than a stamp collection would, so what the heck!

Here is my fox collection as of Spring 1997 (I may revise these pages later as the collection grows). While all the items are special, some are especially nice or have interesting stories about them. These ones are numbered and have a corresponding description below the main picture. Enjoy!

Foxy MemorabiliaFoxy Books
Shelf #1The Cunning Little Vixen (fiction)
Shelf #2How To Spot a Fox (non-fiction)
Shelf #3Hunter´s Moon (fiction)
Shelf #4The Nature of Foxes (non-fiction)
Shelf #5On the Trail of the Fox (non-fiction)
Stuff On the FloorRed Fox: The Catlike Canine
Sweet Treats Recipe Book

Foxy VideosOther Media
The Fox and the HoundCorel Photo CD: Foxes and Coyotes
The Little Fox The Cunning Little Vixen (music CD)
Robin Hood1997 Fox Calendar

If you´d like to see more collectables, Karsten Auchter´s Foxes Online and Nancy Kolar & Cherry Steffey´s The Fox´s Lair both show even bigger collections than this one!

"For some strange reason, I feel compelled to go out and get these stupid things!"
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