Foxes 1997 Calendar
Photo reproduced with permission from Chapters Publishing
Foxy Media
Foxes 1997 Calendar
published by Chapters Publishing Inc.
ISBN 1-57630-010-2
(to order call 800-892-0220)

When I requested permission from Chapters Publishing to include a reproduction of the cover from How To Spot a Fox with my book review, they not only agreed but sent me a free calendar to include as well! I´d been hoping they would release another new fox calendar ever since they did one in 1994, so this was a very nice surprise.

The twenty-four page calendar is 14x12 inches and features twelve all-new colour photographs. In addition to the red fox, the arctic and grey foxes are included as well. There´s also a good photo of a red fox in the silver colour phase. Each picture is accompanied with a brief paragraph explaining some foxy fact. Hopefully Chapters will release more fox calendars in future years!

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Richard T. Matheson
(c) 1997 by FoxSTAR Arts