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Robin Hood
Walt Disney

I can´t imagine anyone not having seen this film, but for those who haven´t, Robin Hood is Walt Disney´s animated retelling of the classic tale with furry animals in all the roles. Not strictly a film about foxes, it is played almost exclusively for laughs, and is easily the best Disney movie to come out of the seventies. While it definitely lacks some of the artistry of the studio´s earlier works and the technical expertise of the more recent features, it still sports some of the best character animation they´ve ever done. You´ve gotta love Robin and Marian, but the aghast facial expressions on poor Prince John and Sir Hiss (the hairiest snake I´ve ever seen) as various outrageous things happen to them are the best of all. The movie boasts probably the most talented cast of voice overs ever heard in a Disney film, although Peter Ustinov´s campy performance as the hapless, neurotic Prince John steals the show.

Approximately 83 minutes.

(Warning: Attempting to analyze the animal husbandry involved in Marian being King Richard´s niece could lead to neurological collapse!)

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