Fox Collection - Shelf #3
Shelf #3

1) This is a replacement for the first stuffed fox I ever owned. I was given the original for my tenth birthday (before I actually started collecting them). Unfortunately our dog decided she loved the darn thing. She kidnapped it and started carrying it around everywhere she went. By the time she was finished with it six years later, it was truly a gross thing to behold. I finally found a copy of the original for my collection, and it brings back a lot of fond memories.

Little Fox 2) This little piece was a gift from Christmas of 1995 and was made by Country Artists in England. My parents found it in the summer at a jewelry shop and kept it hidden for months. The detail on it, especially in the grass, is very fine.
3) Garry Kilworth´s ´Hunter´s Moon´

4) Claudia Schnieper´s ´On the Trail of the Fox´

Fox Cub 5) This has got to be my favourite piece. A gift from Christmas of 1994 from my aunt, her neighbour gave it to her at a garage sale. Titled ´Fox Cub´ from Bossons, England, it is dated from 1971 (which as far as I´m concerned makes it an antique!) It´s a really beautiful sculpture but I´m afraid to hang it on my wall like I´m supposed to. If anyone out there knows anything more about this particular item, I´d really enjoy hearing about it from you!

6) J. David Henry´s ´Red Fox - The Catlike Canine´

Playing Foxes 7) Another sculpture from Country Artists my parents gave me for Christmas in 1995. I really like the texturing of the fur and the colouring in the rocks.

8) J. David Henry´s ´How to Spot a Fox´

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