How To Spot a Fox
Photo reproduced with the permission of Chapters Publishing
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How To Spot A Fox
(c)1993 by J. David Henry
published by Chapters Publishing Inc.
ISBN 1-881527-17-4 (soft cover)
(to order call 800-892-0220)

How To Spot A Fox paints a portrait of foxes as seen through the eyes of a veteran field researcher. Although other species are briefly mentioned, the book focuses primarily on the red fox. The author describes how to interpret field signs such as tracks, urine marks, and vocal calls, and offers some basic tips for watching the animals without disturbing them.

In addition to how to spot foxes, Henry also suggests several things to look for in their behaviour. By discussing various field experiments performed by himself and others, he offers the readers a chance to make educated guesses as to what a fox might be doing while they view it´s activities. Hunting techniques, caching behaviour, anatomy, life cycle, and scent marking are all thoroughly covered (perhaps in greater depth than one might hope!)

The book concludes with a detailed account of the Canadian program to reintroduce the swift fox to Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. While the merits of hard vs. soft release and captive breeding vs. live capture/transfer are discussed, Henry also talks about the people behind the project.

Dozens of colour photographs and illustrations are included, as well as an index, and list of recommended reading. 110 pages.

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