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Foxes & Coyotes

I got this CD for free by sending in my registration card for the Corel Graphics Pack. It features 100 high resolution photos of foxes and coyotes in Kodak Photo CD format. The selection is a bit coyote heavy, but they´re nice animals too. The photos are royalty free, so you can feel free to do just about anything you want with them (many of the fox photos on this web site are from this CD). Over a hundred other CD´s are available with subjects like fighter planes, landmarks, nature, people, sports cars, and more.

The CD includes several neat utilities, my favourites being the Corel ArtView Screen Saver and the Wallpaper Flipper. There´s also the Corel Mosaic Visual File Manager, the Corel Photo CD Lab and a CD-Audio utility. A working model of Corel Draw 4 is included, but you can´t export anything with it.

The CD works with both Mac and Windows 3.1 and above.

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