Sweet Treats
Foxy Books

Sweet Treats
Easy-To-Make Dessert Recipes
from the kitchen of
Marsha Redfox

(c)1997 by Margaret Carspecken
published by Vision Books.
ISBN 1-887038-02-7

An all around delightful cookbook brought to you by Margaret Carspeckan of the OzFoxes!

The book is well researched and features a nice variety of international desserts (I tried the Chocolate Baklava as my first recipe). Written with the novice in mind, the instructions are simple and easy to follow. The forward also includes some tricks, tips, and hints to help the less experienced.

A lot of folks have already commented that the illustrations alone are well worth the price of the book, and I wholeheartedly agree. Marsha Redfox is such a sweet, wonderful character, the multicultural scope of the recipes provides plenty of opportunities for her to pose in a variety of costumes, and Margaret's cheerful renderings of her are just adorable! It's hard to flip through the pages and not find something to make you smile. 128 pages

If you'd like a copy, you can order either direct from The OzFoxes FoxWeb or from Amazon Books.

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