The Little Fox
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The Little Fox
Robert Haimi, Inc.

A particularly good fox movie, The Little Fox tells about the coming of age of a fox cub named Vik. When his family is killed by a hunter and his dog, the orphaned fox is raised and taught to survive by his wise, old uncle Carrack. The film has pretty good animation for a non-Disney feature and the plot is excellent, although the voice overs and dialogue can get a bit lame at times (I initially believed it was translated from Czech but a recent E-mail from Dima Dvorcovoy informed me that it´s a Hungarian film. Karsten Auchter´s Foxes Online refers to it´s original title as being ´Vuk´.)

I´m aware of at least two versions of this movie. The Celebrity Home Entertainment version was edited to be ´more suitable´ for children. Unfortunately, poor dubbing makes the voices and dialogue even cheesier than before, and excessive cutting makes the plot hard to follow at times; it would be worth finding an older uncut copy if possible.

I don´t believe the film is too graphic for most children, although if your kids were traumatized by Bambi, it might be wise to steer clear until they’re a bit older.

Approximately 65 minutes.

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