Fox Collection - Shelf #4
Shelf #4

1) Cartoon Video - ´The Little Fox´

2) Photo CD - Corel´s ´Foxes & Coyotes´

3) Rudolf Tesnohlidek´s "The Cunning Little Vixen"

4) This is the most expensive piece in my collection in terms of what I had to do to get it. My sister received this paintable sculpture as a Christmas gift years and years ago. In order to keep it for myself when she moved out, I had to give her a pen and ink drawing of a falcon (that I really liked!) that took me nearly eighty hours to do. I really love my sister but boy, does she know how to shake a guy down or what?!

5) Music CD - Leos Janacek´s ´The Cunning Little Vixen´

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Richard T. Matheson
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