Fox Collection - Shelf #2
Shelf #2

1) This guy was a Christmas present I had been strongly hinting for. The colouring and pose are wonderful, and the material used is very nice.

Brender's Plate2) This collectors plate is titled ´Under Mother´s Watchful Eye´ and is the third issue of Carl Brenders´ ´A Family Affair´ collection. It´s actually reproduced from his 1989 painting ´Full House - Fox Family´. Brenders is one of my favourite wildlife artists; the realism of his work has to be seen to be believed.

3) I got these three figurines at the same time and they make a nice family scene together.
Rust&acutes Plate4) This plate is titled: ´In Moonglow One Drinks, While His Spirit Guides Slink´ and is the fifth issue of the ´A Hidden World´ collection by D.L. ´Rusty´ Rust. It was a gift from my mother when she returned from a trip to Campbell River, B.C. The hidden foxes in the smoke and snow banks are pretty neat.
5) This matching piece to item #1 was also a gift from my mother when she returned from Kelowna, B.C. Together they give a nice bookends effect to the display.

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