Red Fox - Vulpes vulpes
Social Habits
Calls / Vocalization

While foxes do not howl or socially vocalize the way coyotes and wolves do, they still have a limited range of vocal communication. Family members will occasionally use these calls to keep track of one another when separated, or warn of danger. Some forty different calls have been documented, the meaning of which are not completely understood. The foxy vocabulary ranges between chuckling, ´gekkering´ noises, whining, whimpering, shrieking, and shrill screams. A drawn out alarm bark can carry up to a mile in distance. Fox voices are higher pitched than those of dogs, and can sound similar to that of crows and ravens.

Here is a selection of fox calls in Real Audio (.ra) format. The original zip archived .wav files are available in the download section of Dark Fox´s Domain.
You can download the Real Audio plug-in by clicking the Get Real Audio! icon.
Fox Call #1 (9kb)

Fox Call #2 (17kb)

Fox Call #3 (6kb)

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