An extensive vulpine reference with descriptions of several fox species. Includes information on range, habitat, diet, life cycle, other foxy facts!
Liska´s EncycVulpedia Encycvulpedia

Here it is, the portion of my web site that actually has a shred of redeeming social value! I hope you´ll find it to be your one-stop-shopping center for all kinds of foxy information.

Everything the average lay person might want to know about foxes should be here including detailed descriptions of all the species of North American foxes, their habits, and their interaction with man.

Before we go any farther, I must confess that my experience in this area is primarily fan-ish. Most of what is here I learned from books, the web, or T.V. rather than any kind of first hand field work. Several sources of information have been useful in compiling this thing. In cases where different articles conflicted with one another, I made decisions about what to include based on how recent the opposing articles were, and whether they were supported by other references. The moral of the story is that any number of mistakes might have slipped by me. If you notice anything that doesn´t seem right, I´d really appreciate it if you´d e-mail me and let me know!

Red Fox
Vulpes vulpes
Grey Fox
Urocyon cinereoargenteus
General Description General Description
Distribution & Habitat Distribution & Habitat
Feeding Habits Diet
Diet Life Cycle
Hunting Techniques Kit & Swift Foxes
Vulpes macrotis & Vulpes velox
Caching General Description
Social Habits Distribution & Habitat
Scent Marking Diet
Body Language Life Cycle
Calls/Vocalization Canadian Swift Fox Reintroduction Program
Life Cycle Foxes Around the World
Courtship & Mating Foxes & People
Birth & Development Mythology, Folklore, and Literature
Dispersal Economic Factors
Mortality Disease Control
Arctic Fox
Alopex lagopus
Pest Control
General Description The Fur Industry
Distribution & Habitat Fox Hunting
Diet Foxes as Pets
Life Cycle Bibliography
Wildlife Ring Award An editor´s choice award from Nearctica, a large gateway to North American natural sciences resources on the web.

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