Grey Fox - Urocyon cinereoargenteus
Range & Habitat

The grey fox´s range stretches from the eastern United States almost up to the Canadian border, down through the southern U.S., Mexico, Central America, Colombia, and through South America as far as Venezuela. (Another species, Urocyon littoralis, commonly called the island grey fox lives on the Californian Channel Islands. It´s smaller and has fewer tail vertebrae than cinereoargenteus, and is a threatened species.)

Habitats range from rain forest to the eastern forests of the U.S. The grey fox prefers more densely wooded areas than the red, and the same human factors that increase red fox habitat has reduced that of the grey´s. As a result, the grey fox population is now lower than before the first European settlers arrived, although it can still be seen through much of it´s original range.

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