Kit & Swift Foxes - Vulpes macrotis & Vulpes velox

The kit fox is found in arid desert grasslands of northern Mexico, southern California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The swift fox is native to the southern mixed-grass prairies of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and through a belt extending through the mid United States down to Texas where its range merges with that of the kit fox. It is difficult to precisely determine the natural range of the swift fox as it has been eliminated from much of its northern territory.

Kit Fox
Preferred habitats for the kit & swift foxes are arid and desert grasslands.

The average home range of these foxes can be as much as 25km across and is usually marked in a manner similar to that of other foxes. The range is typically based on a central burrow. The kit and swift foxes make much more extensive use of their dens than do other North American canids. These burrows may be dug by the foxes themselves, or be modified from that of another animal´s. The den may have 2 to 9 openings large enough to accommodate the kit or swift fox, but too small for predatory red foxes or coyotes. The kit and swift foxes may move to several different dens over the course of a year as the old ones become infested with parasites. In addition to the permanent central dens, the foxes also have several smaller, temporary dens scattered throughout their territory, in case they need quick shelter from predators or bad weather.

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