Kit & Swift Foxes - Vulpes macrotis & Vulpes velox

The diet of the kit and swift foxes is quite similar to that of the red fox. Staples include insects such as grasshoppers and beetles, mice, kangaroo rats, and jackrabbits. The jackrabbit is an impressively large animal for these tiny hunters to take down, and almost certainly represents the largest prey these foxes can handle. Carrion provides an additional source of meat while vegetable matter from grasses and berries supplement the diet. The foxes will also take advantage of any other food sources that present themselves. Birds, amphibians, reptiles, and fish may all be preyed upon when available. Interestingly, ground squirrels and gophers do not constitute a major portion of the foxes´ diet, as they are not active when these nocturnal hunters search for their prey. Like other many other fox species, these two frequently cache surpluses food as a hedge against future shortages.

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