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#149) "Groundhog's Day Predicaments"
January 31, 2000

This strip was inspired by a number of sources.

The first evolved from a Groundhog's Day drawing I did where Liska was staking out a woodchuck's den, poised to pounce on and eat him the moment he sticks his head out.

The second was from an old Don Martin article in MAD magazine about how to survive a nuclear war. According to the article, one of the warning signs of an impending attack is, "...a curious shadow that keeps getting bigger and bigger and..." and when the Don Martin character looks up, he sees a bomb about to fall on him. The comic appeared in the early eighties during the heightened nuclear fear of the Reagan era mlitary build-up, and it left a memorable impression on me; a moment of dark comic relief amidst more sobering media portrayals such as The Day After.

The idea of the two different shadows, that of the groundhog and the bomb, popped into my mind one day, and it occurred to me to work them into the running gag of Skippy and Liska being stuck up in the tree; only this time, somebody besides Skippy gets clobbered as a result... :)

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