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#150) "Catnip"
February 7, 2000

Early in the devolopment of the strip while trying to come up with new story ideas, I was stocking some cat toys while temporarily helping in the pet section of my store when the same question about foxes and catnip Skippy pondered here occurred to me. This is the answer that immediately came to mind, and I knew I was going to get a lot of milage out of it to say the least.

Creating the groovy psychedelic backgrounds were a lot of fun, as was drawing (especially panel four) and writing the dialogue for stoned Mitties.

I also really enjoyed drawing the last panel although I must admit I was never fully satisfied with it. It's a very big, memorable moment for the comic as a whole and my skills weren't quite up to the task of making it as awesome as I wanted it to be. The kiss I depicted a year later in Strip #204 was a bit closer to what I was trying for albeit a whole lot more disturbing... :)

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