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#161) "Heaven Can Wait"
April 17, 2000

The message of this particular strip was that while it's important to maintain the freedom of religious expression, freedom from religious expression can be just as important. Everybody has their own limits on just how much they're able to accept, and we should respect each others' personal boundaries.

I really liked how Skippy and Finch are divided on the issue - at least at first. They're usually more or less on the same page, and Finch generally tends to be the most rational and tolerant character in the strip, so it was interesting to depict the two of them disagreeing on what initially seems like such fundamental subject. Until we find out what Liska's been up to and Finch's concerns aren't as unreasonable as Skippy first thinks.

I also had a lot of fun working with the characters' expressions in this one; Skippy's and Finch's confrontational postures, and especially Heywood's various horrified reactions to what Liska has been telling him.

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