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#179) "Down In the Dumps"
August 21, 2000

Okay, I admit this gag depends on some pretty bad wordplay, but I think it works better than most puns because the punchline in the last panel uses visual imagery rather than actually involving any dialogue. At least it allowed me to smoothly segue from the previous storyline to the next one.

It's also nice to show Skippy and Liska enjoying themselves, and one another's company, from time to time. Skippy seems much less creeped out by the dump than he used to be, and Liska certainly appears to be having fun.

As usual, presenting the dump in an interesting and aethetically pleasing manner was an ongoing challenge. I always thought it important to include neat things, and depict it as a grimy wonderland where a packrat like Liska would like to spend time.

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