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#191) "Practicalities"
November 13, 2000

To make this joke work, I needed at least three or four plausible reasons why Liska wouldn't use real blood, and it was an entertaining, if somewhat disturbing mental exercise trying to come up with them for this strip; it was a nice bonus being able to make use of some of the stuff I learned in highschool biology class so many years later.

I don't know how many gophers it would really take to get a gallon of blood, but I do remember doing some fairly intense guestimating based on how much the average gopher weighs versus how much the average human weighs versus the typical six litre blood volume of the average person to come up with the rough figure of eighty gophers. It sounds convincing enough, and I can't imagine anybody actually wanting to empirically test the number for accuracy... Besides Liska of course... :)

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