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#226) "Politically Correct"
May 21, 2001

This storyline with it's environmental theme is about as political as Mynarski Forest gets. With a few exceptions, as a general rule I prefer to emphasize the humorous aspects of various issues rather than advocate a particular viewpoint. Partly because no matter what viewpoint I do adopt, I'm likely to wind up alienating half my audience at any given moment, and partly because I would hope my readers can make up their own minds without having Skippy and Liska tell them what to do... In fact, I strongly recommend you not allowing Liska to do that!

This particular strip pokes fun at the tendency of certain special interests to adopt new politically correct euphemisms for themselves on a semiregular basis. It's only natural that Liska should want one for herself too.

Liska's line in the second panel was inspired by several news stories I've read about spoiled celebrities going to a store or restaurant, being served like a normal customer without any special treatment, and then throwing a huge temper tantrum over it; invariably they wind up ranting, "Don't they know who I am?!" I thought it humorous that Liska should display the same self important sense of entitlement, so I threw the line into the strip to amuse myself, even if nobody else was likely to notice the joke behind it.

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